Columbia Chronicles
2 years ago

E11 Corona Chronicles: Mutual Aid Midlands

Reporter: Aidan Thomason

Corona Chronicles: Mutual Aid Midlands

The novel coronavirus pandemic has illuminated a new way to meet community needs – mutual aid. According to the Stanford Social Innovation Review, these projects are a “model of community resilience and collective empowerment” that is working. Columbia, S.C., has its own mutual aid project – Mutual Aid Midlands. In March, a group of Carolina residents noticed problems caused by the pandemic and they took action. On May 26, 2020, reporter Aidan Thomason sat down with Dr. Deborah Billings, a professor at the University of South Carolina who has worked around the world on women’s health and who is a proud member and organizer of Mutual Aid Midlands.

Produced and edited by Flynn Snyder

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